• TP-300Image50

–7”-10” universal prompter for tablets

  • TP-500

–7”-10” /DSLR  prompter for tablets (18mm rail mount)

  • TP-600

–7”-10” /ENG prompter for tablets (lens mountable)

  • DVP-100

–Wireless teleprompting system with central control

And synchronizing multiple screens through WiFi hotspot.

iOS app: DVPrompter pro

Android: t.b.d







  • MCU-100(J/P/S)Image51

–Multi Camera control Unit

–Up to 4 camera’s (Panasonic)

–Available for JVC / Panasonic / Sony



  • MCU-200(J/P/S)Image52

–Same as MCU-100 but 19” rack version






  • CCU-100Image53

–Set for 4 camera’s (JVC/Sony/Panasonic)

Consists of 1 CCU-100

–1x CCU-100

–4x AD-2

–4x RMC-240



  • CablingImage54

–CB-43 All-in-one cable 30 meters

–CB-44 All-in-one cable 50 meters

–CB-45 All-in-one cable 80 meters

–CB-49 All-in-one cable 100 meters





  • ITC-100Image55
  • Supports 8-Way Intercom
  • external earphone and microphone interface
  • Bi-color tally light indicator
  • Selectable channel talk, broadcast to all or mute.
  • Communication distance up to 200 meters
  • Supplied complete with Gooseneck Microphone and Light

Price includes;

Base station

Gooseneck mic.

Tally light

4 x ITC100 SL

Image56     Image57         Image58

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